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Role: Project Manager
Contract type: Project-based
Duration: 3-4 months (starting from March)

Dawra Madwarna is organising a Placemaking Knowledge Exchange in collaboration with Fragment (Norway) and is looking to engage project management services for the organisation of two events including: a 1 Day workshop on the 14th of May 2024; and a Public Talk to be held late afternoon / evening on the 15th of May.

The services requested will include the organisation and logistical coordination of the two events including but not limited to:

● Securing location
● Securing catering
● Coordinating the advertising and communications plan (excluding graphic design of marketing material)
● Sourcing printing and stationary resources
● Recruitment and registration of workshop participants and attendees for the public talk
● Coordinating the setting up and dismantling of the location as may be required (with the support of working group members on the day)
● Coordinating with the videographer / photographer
● Requesting quotes and following public procurement procedures to procure the above as required
● Development of the agenda in collaboration with the foreign speakers from Fragment and the Dawra Madwarna Project Leader
● Agenda and time management on the day
● Digital documentation and filing of quotes, invoices and receipts
● Report writing in relation to the funding requirements
● Other tasks as may be required linked to the organisation of the event.

The ideal candidate/s will be able to demonstrate the following skills:
● Experience project managing similar events
● An affinity for team working, volunteering and community initiatives

Application Process
Candidates are to submit their application by the 26th of February at 12pm, consisting of:
● A covering letter outlining their interest in the post and their experience
● Curriculum vitae

Selection will be made according to the following criteria:
● Experience
● Motivation as outlined in their covering letter

The candidate will be available to start working as of 4th March 2024 up until the end of May 2024 so as to complete the rounding up of the project.

The remuneration available for this call is 600 euros inc. VAT as a lump sum.

Applications and Clarifications to be sent to: [email protected]

This Placemaking Knowledge Exchange benefits from a grant under the Active Citizens Fund from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants.