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Community Garden

by Friends of the Earth


The community garden in the Friends of the Earth space in Floriana seeks to showcase how previously forgotten areas can become a place for gardening within the community which is proven to enrich physical and mental well-being. The garden seeks to give its participants tools and expertise to grow their own trees and food, in an age where access to a garden is not a reality  for many people. Using existing green areas within villages and opening their access to be used as community gardens, to grow vegetables and fruit trees, will allow people the much needed connection with nature, whilst replenishing the soil and allowing biodiversity to thrive.

Environmental Benefits:
  • Habitats for ecosystems & biodiversity
Social Benefits:
  • Improve quality of life (recreation & well-being)
  • Support social interaction &cohesion
  • Mental health through access to nature
Economic Benefits:
  • Opportunities for local food production