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Malta as a walkable city: Appropriating the Island’s Blue Infrastructure

by Text Catalogue and Raffaella Corrieri


In absence of pedestrian routes and cycle lanes, mobility in Malta is an ongoing challenge.

As a result, roads are clogged with traffic, impeding bus routes which offer the only source of public transit. This proposal offers a solution through hacking an already existing local system: A large part of Malta’s blue infrastructure is an extensive network of storm-water runoff systems which divert rainfall out to sea – a reckless strategy for an increasingly arid country. With an average 3,055 hours of sunshine annually, the infrastructure comprising this network is largely idle for a good proportion of the year. Instead, such runoff networks could meander people from the centre to the coastal territories and retain that most precious water.

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Environmental Benefits:
  • Improve air quality
  • Meeting targets to reduce emissions
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Sustainable water management
  • Improve microclimates
  • Habitats for ecosystems & biodiversity
Social Benefits:
  • Improve quality of life (recreation and well-being)
  • Safety & security in public urban areas
  • Support social interaction & cohesion
  • Mental health through access to nature
  • Physical health through active lifestyles
Economic Benefits:
  • Reduce flooding impacts
  • Reduce urban heat island effect (save energy)
  • Increase in real estate value
  • Sustainable travel modes
  • Commercial tourism & local regeneration value