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SORĠI is an ongoing research project about opportunities for circularity in Malta, whose first outcome is an outdoor furniture collection for public spaces, highly critical of the booming construction industry. Six benches inspired by six buildings affected by the local construction frenzy will stand both as a memento of today’s choices and a suggestion for tomorrow’s actions. Every piece is made of recycled construction waste (limestone, broken terrazzo, marble offcuts and fragments of glass among others) and tells the story of the building that inspired it, contributing to the need for tangible solutions to the sheer amount of discarded materials that keeps accumulating on the island, while promoting circularity and raising awareness on environmental issues within a larger audience.
SORĠI is literally an invitation to sit down (from the Maltese ‘Sorga’, meaning ‘to politely ask someone to sit down’) and observe the ever-changing Maltese built landscape from a different perspective.

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Environmental Benefits:
  • Reduce construction waste
  • Create a database
Social Benefits:
  • Improve quality of life (recreation and well-being)
  • Support social interaction & cohesion
Economic Benefits:
  • Increase in real estate value
  • Commercial tourism
  • Local regeneration value