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Villa Frere & Gardens

Open Sundays


Villa Frere and its grand gardens in Pieta are a scheduled Grade 1 National Monument. An NGO called ‘Friends of Villa Frere’ was set up by a team of dedicated volunteers with different skills and backgrounds who are striving to restore, protect and maintain the estate together with Heritage Malta.

Every first Sunday of the month Villa Frere opens its doors to the public, which is a great initiative to raise awareness about the beauty as well as the historical and cultural importance of this site.

Furthermore, giving the public access to its quaint gardens, it provides benefits contributing to physical and mental health as well as offering refuge from busy urban life in a very densely populated area of Malta.

The organisation also collaborates with the adjacent primary school, which teaches these benefits to children from a young age through outings and trails through the gardens.

For more information follow them on their facebook page or group.

Environmental Benefits:
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Sustainable water management
  • Improve microclimates
  • Habitats for ecosystems & biodiversity
Social Benefits:
  • Improve quality of life (recreation & well-being)
  • Mental health through access tonature
  • Physical health through active lifestyles
Economic Benefits:
  • Reduce flooding impacts
  • Reduce urban heat island effect