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HEALTHY SPACES: Co-creating Child-Friendly Towns and Villages

This publication presents research on how our towns and villages have the potential to extend children’s social networks beyond their immediate family circle, allowing them to meet and make friends even when they are not at school. It outlines how locally (Malta and Gozo) we cannot keep isolating children and simply allocating dedicated spaces for them to play in. As an integral part of the community, they should be able to commute, play and feel safe in all the spaces they share with the community such as the streets and squares. Children should also be involved in decision-making within their locality. Regaining these spaces, making them accessible and child-friendly would empower children and the community at large.

This project is the result of the dialogue and collaboration between diverse strands; child rights and participation represented by the Office of the Commissioner for Children, research represented by the University of Malta and the environmental component represented by the Environment and Resources Authority. As a result of this study, an index will be developed, to guide and support local councils to make towns and villages in Malta and Gozo more receptive and responsive to children’s needs.

You can download this document here.

Image Source: Commissioner for Children.