Green infrastructure Urban planning / Design International guideline

How can your city become…Future-Proof?

As more and more Europeans live in cities, their health and well-being greatly depends on how well city authorities address environmental challenges. The European Green Capital and European Green Leaf Awards are two mechanisms which are being used by the European Commission as a means of recognising the efforts of cities that are genuinely committed to becoming more liveable and more sustainable places. This publication is the first in a series of five, which intends to showcase the  European Green Capital Network winners and finalists of the award. It aims to illustrate that any city can go green. These awards provide a platform for winning cities to engage with their citizens and visitors on environmental topics, creating momentum and a commitment for long-term sustainable urban development. At the same time, they feature the outstanding achievements by the award title winners, demonstrating that urban environmental challenges can be tackled in ways that benefit citizens and their environment. So what were the initiatives and interventions that generated a wealth of solutions to embrace the city’s environmental goals? How did they create opportunities for exchange with their local stakeholders and citizens? This publication provides insight into these aspects and more.

You can download the guideline here.

Image Source: European Commission