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Networks of Green Open Space in Dense Urban Areas

This position paper advocates the need for a strategic and integrated approach to the planning of open spaces with the aim of developing green open space networks in our dense urban areas. It promotes principles such as sociality, walkability, green infrastructure and nature-based solutions and discusses how our open spaces have the potential to tackle urban challenges. It advocates that through holistic planning and design there is the potential to create a series of connected pockets of recreational areas and amenities and illustrates the importance for green open space networks as an integral part of green infrastructure (GI) planning. Based on research specific to the Maltese context, five key principles are presented which should guide the development of such green open space networks in Malta. These are illustrated through typological interventions, which through conceptual ideas seek to trigger the imagination. They serve as a helping-hand in illustrating an alternative or otherwise infrastructure if we had to adopt a strategic approach to the planning of open spaces.  The paper was developed In March 2021 and has since been presented to various entities and ministries to create awareness and lobby for a more proactive approach to the planning of urban open spaces.

A summary of the paper can be accessed here.

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