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Playful Cities Design Guide

The Playful Cities Design Guide – “Play for Anyone, Anywhere” is a resource that complements the Playful Cities Toolkit. It offers practical ideas for urban practitioners to embed small-scale play elements for all ages in city design. Developed by Arup and the LEGO Foundation with the Real Play Coalition, the Toolkit frames the importance of play in cities, guides play-based interventions, and measures their impact. The Design Guide delves into spatial dimensions of play, showcasing how diverse urban spaces can foster play. It presents adaptable play elements and examples for different design processes and cultural contexts, promoting play as integral to daily life. Vibrant cities accommodate people of all ages playing outdoors, moving freely, and connecting with nature. Design for play cultivates learning, skill development, and community bonding, fostering pro-social behaviour and environmental benefits. By illustrating various forms of play, the Guide captures people‚Äôs creativity, curiosity, and emotions in urban spaces.

The guide can be downloaded here.

Image Source: Playful Cities Design Guide