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Slow Streets

Slow Streets is a pioneering initiative in Malta and Gozo aiming to give streets back to people. The Local Councils’ Association, in partnership with Transport Malta and the Planning Authority, is collaborating on this action plan in order to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists by promoting walking, cycling and better accessibility to public transport networks. Strategies are proposed which plan to ensure that mobility within localities is safe, sustainable, healthy and efficient, in addition to providing more public open space that contributes to an elevated quality of life. Such strategies include traffic calming and management. This document is the first publication as part of a series of studies which have been carried out for participating Local Councils to understand the degree of pedestrianisation which should be implemented according to the locality’s street network and the needs of its residents, whether temporarily or permanently. Ultimately the aim is to create the opportunity for residents to experience the areas they live in differently by ensuring safe walking corridors, connecting cycling priority routes and also temporarily designating streets as creative safe play areas for children.

Read the publication here.

Image Source: Local Council´s Association